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refinement in communication

While raw talent can catapult a singer or actor towards platinum record sales, box office success and global popularity, any artist with longevity will tell you that the key to maintaining that success is cultivating the ability to intrigue and communicate with the public. Honing that ability can be difficult for an artist - especially in an age when media have the power to make or break careers, and are demanding instant and constant access to celebrities’ lives.

Enter Dyana Williams who, through her company Influence Entertainment, helps artists learn and perfect this invaluable skill.



the need for effective communication

Individuals such as athletes, executives, performers, producers, and music industry professionals who frequently face the public and media should have the necessary skills to articulate their message with authority and ease. Learn from the award winning veteran broadcast journalist, author, lecturer, and music industry professional, Dyana Williams.

Dyana tailors a program teaching essential techniques which aid in strengthening one's abilities to develop successful strategies for effective communications with the media and public. This program is called the Influence System.

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